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Health Wellbeing Gymnasium
QLD Hyde Park 4810
Health Studio
At Health Studio we strive to help our clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals effectively and efficiently through the provision of innovative, scientific and evidence based exercise in a supportive and fun environment.
Personal Training
Need of personal trainer with a wealth of knowlege by your side, to educate and train you, to help you understand the science of exercise, all while helping you achieve long term success?
Our personal trainers are degree qualified Exercise Physiologists with extensive experience in the industry and are ready to help you achieve your health and fitness goals using innovative evidence based principles. We operate from our private studio by appointment only and offer a warm, supportive and friendly environment - no screaming at people here!!
We offer 30 or 60 minute personal training sessions in the following forms:
Just you and your trainer, this form of personal training is the most popular. You will have the total attention of your personal trainer for the duration of the session, with each session designed specifically for you.
Training with a partner
You can train with a partner and reap the benefits of personal training at a reduced cost. Programs are tailored to each individual with the trainer sharing their time. No slackening off...our eyes are on you at all times!
Group training
If you have a small group of friends or work mates and would like to train together, we offer PT to suit your individual needs in a group environment. If you are an individual looking to join a group with participants of the same age and fitness level we can match you up with existing groups.
Semi Personal Training
Train with another person at a reduced rate! The matching is done by us, and your program is personalised to meet you needs.
Getting Started
Phone us to make an appointment for an initial fitness assessment. The assessment takes approximately 55 minutes.
* We offer a free consultation for people who are unsure about what direction they should take with their personal training.
Initial Fitness Assessment
An initial fitness assessment is conducted prior to commencement of training sessions, and is beneficial to record a baseline measurement of your fitness. This will help to determine your current fitness level, and also determine what you'd like to get out of your training. Fitness goals are discussed at this time.
The fitness assessment consists of a range of fitness tests, which vary depending on the abilities of the person, but may include tests such as completing a health profile, blood pressure, weight, body fat %, girths, flexibility test, core stability test, abdominal strength test, muscular endurance test, and a sub-maximal aerobic test (to determine your cardiovascular fitness level!).
We can later re-assess your fitness level to compare the results and gauge your progress. Goals can be reviewed at this time.
Health Studio
Shop 17B Hyde Park Centre
Hyde Park Woolcock Street
QLD 4810
Phone: 074771 3083

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Health Studio
Hyde Park Woolcock Street
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