FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is 24.com.au?

24.com.au is a free online advertising platform for Australia. It is designed to help you get your message across in the Australian marketplace. Our aim is to provide a level playing field to businesses of all sizes, big and small. The platform includes an online business/services directory, and tools for category based classified listings. What you get is a single platform for property, vehicles, jobs, daily deals and noticeboard/events advertisements. Suburb level search tools enables users to find local suppliers, specials and events as well as nation wide deals across Australia. Please note that 24.com.au is not a group buying website.

  2. How many simultaneous lsitings can a member post?
  A registered user of 24.com.au can post upto fifty (50) free advertisements running simultaneously.

3. What are the benefits of registration?
  Once you register you will be able to place free classified advertisements on 24.com.au. You will also be able to add listings of other registered users to your watchlist. Registration with 24.com.au is free.

 4. What are the options available to promote my listing on 24.com.au?
 24.com.au provides a number of ways to promote your listing(s). Listings can be promoted by 1. Upgrading to Premium Listing. 2. Homepage feature promotion 3. Adgroup showcase promotion. You will have to Log in to promote your listing(s).

 5. How can I promote my listing(s) on 24.com.au?
 Once logged in, 1. Click the "Promote Listing" button available along side the listing you want to promote.2.On the page that loads,select one or more promotion options. 3. Click the "Confirm Promotion" button on the confirm promotion page.

 6. What are the costs for promoting my listing?
 Costs depend on the adgroup, type of promotion selected and its duration. Various promotion options are available. Please click here for Promotion Rates

 7. What are the benefits of upgrading to Premium Listing?
 Premium Listings allows advertisers to add and upload multiple images for the listing. The total number of images allowed depends on the adgroup of the listing. Premium listed products are also displayed ahead of standard listings. Click here to find more about the various premium promotion options available for each adgroup. Note that premium promotion expires after a fixed period of time. On expiry of premium period, the listing will revert back to standard listing. The same listing can be promoted/upgraded again once the premium promotion period ends.

 8. What are the benefits of Home Page Promotion?
 Feature listings in Adgroup homepage.

 9. What are the benefits of Showroom Promotion?
 Feature Listing in 24.com.au index/default page.

 10. What is Auto Relist?
 Auto Relist is a feature which (if selected) will automatically relist your advertisement on expiry. Please select "Set Auto Relist to "Yes"" when placing your advertisement(s) or edit your existing advertisement(s) to set Auto relist to "Yes". Expired listings are relisted within 24 hours of expiry. Listing ID will remain the same to ensure that Google and other search engine listing for that item is not lost. Auto relisted listings are always relisted as "standard" or free listing. Promotion is not applied automatically but can be applied manually by the advertiser.

 11. How can I delete a listing?
 You cannot delete a listing on 24.com.au but can pause or hide a listing indefinitely. Please use the "Pause" button ( available on the Editor Panel) to Pause/hide a listing.

 12. What happens if I pause a "Premium listing"? Will the premium period be extended for the duration the listing was "Paused"?
 No. Premium period will not be extended.

 13. How many "adgroups" does 24.com.au have?
 24.com.au has eight adgroups. They are: Deals & Specials, Property, Vehicles, Jobs, Lifestyle & Travel, Business Directory, Buy & Sell and Noticeboard. Each adgroup has multiple categories and each category has multiple sub categories.

 14. Can I change my Adgroup after listing?
 No. Adgroups cannot be changed but you will be able to change the category and subcategory of your advertisement after listing if you make a mistake..

 15. Why is my listing not showing up?
 It may be due to any of the following reasons: 1. The listing was not accepted for violation of our terms and conditions. 2. The server cache is yet to be updated. It may take upto 24 hours.

 16. How can I extend the period of my listing?
 Please ensure that Auto Relist feature for the listing is set to "yes". On expiry, the advertisement will be relisted as a standard free listing with the same listing id for the maximum period allowed for the particular adgroup.

 17. How can I promote a auto relisted advertisement?
 In the same manner as you would promote a normal listing. You will have to Log in to promote your listing(s).

 18. What can I list in the "Buy & Sell" adgroup.
 Business and house hold items. Examples: Books, furniture, clothing, electronics, computers.
Listing Guidelines

 19. What can I list under the Deals & Specials adgroup.
 Deals & Specials adgroup is open to businesses and professionals offering special deals for a fixed period of time. You will be able to select the period ( 1 to 10 days) for which you want your listing displayed on 24.com.au. By default Auto Relist feature for this adgroup is set to "No". You can change it to "yes" should you choose to extend your offer beyond the date specified.
Listing Guidelines

 20. What will happen to my listing once it expires and auto relist is not set to "yes".
 Your listing will be availeble for 60 days from the date of expiry for you to manually relist with the same listing id. All that is required is a click of a button. The listing will be permanently deleted from our system along with any associated images after 60 days, if you choose not to relist.

 21. What is the "List Similar" feature for? How and when should I use it?
 The List-Similar tool allows users to list similar items at the click of a button. It relists an existing item as a new item with a new listing id. Advertisers can then make necessary changes to the new listing. It is important to note that duplicate listings for the same item is not allowed on 24.com.au.

22. Password Recommendation
 1. Please do not use the same user name and/or password that you use for other websites e.g. bank, utilities etc. 2. Use a combination of letters and numerals. 3. Ensure that your password is hard to guess (example: dont use your pet's name).

23. Trademarks & Copyrights
 Product and/or brand names used in various listings or as links on this website are trademarks belonging to their respective Owners. Copyright of images, photographs and text used in the listings belongs to the respective owner.

 24. Do you verify every listing that is published on 24.com.au?
 No we dont.


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